What is the Liverpool Fringe Festival?


The Liverpool Fringe is an exciting mix of drama, comedy, dance, music and more performed in venues across Preston.


The festival has been set-up for performers who would like the opportunity to perform at a fringe festival but can't afford to do so at events like Edinburgh, or alternatively for people who would like the opportunity to preview an Edinburgh Fringe show on their way up to Edinburgh.


The festival is an open-access events open to all. To facilitate this, we aim to keep the participation costs as low as we can.





The festival will take place from Saturday 17th June to Sunday 2nd July. The deadline to apply for the festival is the 28th March.





In the first year most of the venues will be focused around the Hope Street area. There are a selection of venues that you can find on our website, but remember to keep checking our website, as new venues may be added quite often.



Entry Fees:


• Entry fees into the Liverpool Fringe is £30 (we are looking to discuss a potential discount offer for people who would like to participate in both the Liverpool Fringe and Preston Tringe), plus whatever venue hire arrangement you come to with your venue.

• The act will keep 100% of the box office, unless they have made a box office split arrangement with the venue.



What the Festival organisers do:


• Run the festival web-site

• Provide acts with press lists

• Publish the Festival programme

• Distribute the programme to our mailing lists, local residents and selected local and City publicity outlets

• Distribute posters and programmes publicizing the festival around Preston (but not individual events)

• Liaise with local media outlets to promote the festival (but not individual acts)

• Provide volunteers to run the box office

• Where necessary provide  technicians (although we advise you to bring your own technicians where possible)

• Offer advanced ticket sales through are box offices


Applying for the Festival and making your show a success


There is one date that needs to be etched in your head and that is the application deadline, which is the 28th March (we're aware we've already mentioned it). Below we have provided a five step guide to applying for the festival, and ensuring bring your show to the festival with all the appropriate preparations so it's a success.


Step 1: Finding a Venue

(This stage needs to be completed nice and early, so you can complete your application form by the 28th March).


Look at our venue page, and decide which venue you would like to perform at. Once you have picked your venue, approach the venue using the contact details that we have provided you with and enquire about slots they have available.


At this stage you may get a variety of responses from the venue. Some might just ask you for your contact details and book you straight in there and then. Some might ask for more information and ask you to email details about your show over to them. Venues work on different criterias and quality control. Some may just operate on a first come first serve basis, others may have be happy to accept a range of work, but just want to check your piece isn't going to compromise them. Whereas other venues may operate a tight quality control.


If your first choice venue asks for more information, you may wish to enquire about other venues as a back-up, this is fine, but please treat all venues respectfully. If one of your back up venues offer you a slot straight away, don't accept it and then cancel it if you get a better offer, this is unfair on the venue. Explain that you are waiting upon other venue but that you would be interested, maybe they will be able to hold the space open for a few weeks for you, while you wait to hear from your first choice venue. Once you've accepted a slot, please stick by that slot.


What if you don't get your first choice? Keep trying different venues on our list, or alternatively, you can approach a venue that's not on our list. The venues we suggest are just recommendations. Alternatively, you may have another venue that you know which you think is more suitable than any of our venues, perhaps you want a site specific venue, again feel free to approach them.


Some venues don't provide sound and lighting, however we may be able to help you out with this, as we are looking to create a scheme where we rent out equipment for a small fee just to help contribute to the running of the festival and to pay for any staff who may need to help. Alternatively, you may know someone else who can help out. Some venues may insist on you using their technician, while other may be happy for you to bring your own. If the venue doesn't provide a technician and you can't bring your own, then please contact us, again we may be able to help.


Other key things you may wish to check with your venue are:

• How long is your time slot. Most fringe shows have time slots of 90 minutes.

• How much storage does the venues provide, if your performing multiple nights, can you leave your equipment there over night. Please note most venues have limited storage.

• If your show consists of under 18s, or is aimed at under 18s, check with the venue that they don't have an over 18s policy (especially if it's a pub).



We are always here, so if you're having problems with venues getting back to you, please contact us and we'll do the best we can to help out.


All performers will be expected to leave the room in the condition it was found at the start of their slot



Step 2: Applying for the festival

(Remember the deadline! 28th March)


Once you have found and booked your venue, you need to complete the application form. Make all the decisions you need to make, complete it and send it back to us. To be included in the programme we require a blurb (no more than 45 words – if it is over it will be cut) and a picture that should be sent with your application.  This will be included on the website and programme and will help to market your show.  If you do not have a photo of your act at the time of applying, please inform us and we’ll arrange a separate date for this to be received by.



Once you've applied, we will then contact you about paying your application fee, to confirm your slot at the festival.



Step 3: Keep an eye out for our events


This could be step 2, but before and after you've applied, keep an eye out for our events, we plan to run a monthly Liverpool Fringe Social along with other events. Some events our meant to be fun, while other are aimed to help with your application and production.



Step 4: Ensure you fill in your forms


Your venues may wish for you to complete some extra forms (e.g. risk assessment), ensure that these are done by the required deadline.



Step 5: Market your show


Prepare your marketing material. Once you have applied we'll sending you a marketing pack, with recommended places for distributing posters and flyers etc, the best press contacts etc. Read through this and attempt to do as much marketing as you can. Fringe festival audiences can vary hugely (rumour has it that the average in Edinburgh is 8!), however those acts that market their shows the most, tend to get the best audiences.


Some tips to start thinking about now are:

• Place posters in local shops and supply organisers with posters to be placed at your venue.

• Hand out flyers in the City Centre and local events (check whether these require a license).

• Leave flyers in local shops

• As we said earlier, we'll provide press contacts, so think about your press releases

• Think about your presence of Facebook and Twitter

• Look into website listing sites, e.g. Ents 24, Skiddle etc.

• Join our Facebook group and follow us on twitter and invite others to join

• Word of mouth is the best marketing tool,so promote your show by telling people about it.