Festival Shows.

5th October  – 6th October

What do you mean “Leaving”?

Four new stand-out plays over 2 nights by Liverpool Scriptshop writers William Lee, Stella Young, Tom Mclennan, Mari Lloyd.
Chosen by Award-winning British TV Screenwriters / Playwrights

“I can’t wait to see them brought to life.” John Fay

Hope St Theatre 7.30 pm Tickets £8 (£6 cons)

Short but Sweet
6th October

Liverpool Network Theatre Group return to the Fringe with Short but Sweet 2. An evening of new writing

The Casa 7.30 pm Tickets £5 

The End
with Moment of Truth

6th October 

A sick old man dreams about his long life. Two mysterious strangers philosophise while deciding how to do whatever it is they have planned for him.

‘Moment of Truth’, in which one woman’s decision to stand up for what’s right by sitting down on a Montgomery bus led to a bus boycott that lasted over 380 days. A foundational victory in the civil rights movement across the United States, creating a way for many more victories to come.

The Pilgrim 7.30 pm Tickets £5 (£4 cons)

The Glitch – A dark comedy
7th October

You have been selected. Phase one of your mandatory re-education begins now. Only here in this bunker can you learn what you need to survive. Don’t be shy. The Glitch awaits

Fogherty’s Bar, 8pm tickets £5

Lantern Lites
7th October 

Lantern Writers is comprised of a group of local playwrights and tonight we bring for your delectation an array of monologues and duologues to tantalise your taste buds.

The Casa 7 pm and 8.30 pm Tickets £7

Simon Says
7th October

Simon Says is brought to you from the incredible mind of Simon. Religious leader. Saviour. God. Let him show you the joy he can bring to your lives as we follow four ungrateful followers through this parable of hubris, discontent and ingratitude.

The Pilgrim 8 pm, Pay What You Can

Ticket to Write
8th October – 9th October

Four new plays about the Beatles, chosen from a wide field including the USA and local writers. They range from a fairy tale about Ringo, a fantasy about Lennon’s tragic death, trauma with a runaway teenager and the Fab Four trapped in mundane jobs.

Hope St Theatre 7.30 pm Tickets £10 (£6 cons)