Festival Shows.

One Man Poe

Renown as the ‘Godfather of Gothic Horror’, Edgar Allan Poe was a pioneer in establishing the horror genre. Using Poe’s original text from 1840’s, one actor faithfully brings his words to life on stage, performing four of the most terrifying examples of gothic literature.

Date: Tuesday 3rd October

Venue: Studio 3 The Arts Bar, Hope Street, Liverpool

Time: 7.30pm

Ticket price: £8, £6 concessions

Tickets available from 

(approximate running time 2hrs with interval)

A Threedumb Theatre Production

Mason King – Sleight of Mind

Mind Reader & Psychological Entertainer Mason King invites you into his world for a rollercoaster journey into the inner depths of your mind!

“Astounding!” – Fringe Review Canada

“Mind Blowing” – EdFringe Theatre & Art Reviews

Date: Thursday 5th October

Time: 8pm

Venue: Arts Bar (Studio 3), Hope Street, Liverpool

Ticket Price: £8, £6 concession

(Approximate running time 1hour)

Tickets available from https://eventbrite.co.uk/e/mason-king-sleight-of-mind-tickets


By Helen Jeffrey

Ruby doesn’t have a problem – or at least she doesn’t think she does. Maggie’s almost six months into recovery. Then there’s Callum.

A new work in progress performance which asks the question “How do you navigate sobriety in a world that revolves around drink?”

Date: Tuesday 10th October

Time: 6.30pm (finish 7.30pm)

Venue: The Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN

Ticket Price: £7, £5 concession

Ticket link store.makeitwrite.org

I Am Purple

By Luke Sookdeo

Dexter is purple. He’s been purple for as long as he can remember. Some of the time he wears his purpleness like armour, other times he hides away from the world in shame. Watch him unravel as he discovers what it is to be different.

Date: Wednesday 11th October

Time: 8 pm (Note – New Start Time)

Venue: The Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN

Ticket Price: Pay what you think.

The Cat Box

by Karl Owens

A comic drama set in South Manchester focusing on members of the Northern Voices Writers’ Group. These four socially disastrous, slightly damaged people who, without realising it, have only the writers’ group and each other to escape the horrors of the real world.

Date: Thursday 12th October

Two shows

Time: 6.30pm (finish 7.20pm) & 8.30pm (finish 9.20pm)

Venue: MIW The Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN

Ticket Price: £7, £5 concession

A Make It Write Production

Lost in the Beat

By Andrea Orton

Rose a 45-year-old lady runs a community choir and receives a devastating diagnosis…… with the support of her family, the choir and her local community she is able to still fulfil a lifelong dream. It has poignant and comedic moments in equal measure. Enjoy!

Date: Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October (the 4th October performance is sold out)

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Hope Street Theatre, Hope Street, Liverpool

Ticket price: £16.50

Tickets available from www.BEATPRODUCTIONS.CO.UK 

(approximate running time 2hrs)

California Dreamin’

By Rachel Louise Clark

Imagine being stuck in space, now imagine you’re stuck with the worst human being possible. Throw in a couple of secrets, lies and a fight for survival and you’ve got yourself a party.

Date: Friday 6th and Friday 13th October

(Three 30-minute shows on both nights)

Time: 6.30pm (finish 7pm), 8pm (finish 8.30pm), 9pm (finish 9.30pm)

Venue: The Pilgrim, Pilgrim Street, Liverpool

Ticket Price: £3

(tickets available from www.trybooking.co.uk/CPNS or scan the QR code on the poster)

O’Brien’s Dream

by Bill Morrison featuring songs and music by Frankie Connor and Alan Crowley

This musical adaptation of the last play written by Bill Morrison, one of the giants of Liverpool Theatre, tells the story of Irish Immigrant Sean O’Brien escaping the potato famine of the 1840s and his arrival in Liverpool on his way to a new life in America.

Date: Saturday 7th October

Time: 7.30pm (finish 10pm)

Venue: St Francis of Xavier Church, Salisbury Street L3 8GR

Ticket Price: £5

A Keyhole production

The Rainbow Monologues LIVE!

A selection of LGBTQ+ themed monologues. Grin Theatre is proud to preset the third monologue show in this series which features exciting and refreshing queer writing and performances from outstanding local actors.

Date: Thursday 12th October

Time: 7.45pm

Venue: Studio 3, The Arts Bar, Hope Street, Liverpool

Ticket Price: £7, £5 concession

(approximate running time 1hr 15min)

Uncle Toad  &  I Hate Charlie Pickles

by Jamie Cunliffe       by Ian Cragg

When the evil Nick (Uncle Toad) arrives unannounced, Chris learns startling stuff about himself. What other secrets will he disclose?

Aging struggling comic Charlie Pickles is desperate to throw off his tired persona, so why is his agent hiding a great opportunity from him?

Date: Friday 13th October

Two shows

Time: 6.30pm (finish 7.20pm) & 8pm (finish 8.50pm)

Venue: MIW The Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN

Ticket Price: £7, £5 concession

Ticket available from Make It Write Productions

Poetry on the Fringe

Back by popular demand, this free Fringe event gives audiences the opportunity to hear poetry live, read by the poets who wrote them.

Date: Wednesday 4th October

Time: Doors open 6.30pm for 7.30pm start

Venue: The Pilgrim, 34 Pilgrim Street, Liverpool L1 9HB

Ticket price: Free

A Give Poetry a Chace Production

A Sense of Place

Valley Community Theatre continues to encourage new writing on Merseyside with another of its acclaimed showcase evenings of original drama.

Audiences will be entertained by two evenings of short punchy plays written around the theme of A Sense of Place.

Date Friday 6th & Saturday 7th October

Time: 7.30pm (finish 10pm) both nights

Venue: Valley Community Theatre, Childwall Valley Road, L27 3YA

Ticket Price: £7, £5 concession.

Plays in The Key of Life

Four tales about life

Jilted Jenny by Steve Bird

Friends dismiss the Jenny myth, until a stranger predicts catastrophe.

Something to Remind Me by Liz Redwood

A troubled salesman calls, nothing is the same again.

The Tramp and the Lady by Bob Towers

A homeless man meets a career woman – nothing is as it seems.

and Long Lost by Bernie Winston

A man’s search for his birth mother has unexpected results.

Four 30-minute plays by four local writers, one great evening.

Date Friday 13th & Saturday 14th October

Time 7.30pm

Venue: Hope Street Theatre, Hope Street, Liverpool

Ticket Price £12.50

(approximate running time 2hrs 15mins)

Tickets available from Box Office: www.HOPESTREETTHEATRE.COM

A Writers inc. Production

Zeit-Heist: More than a feeling

by Julia Knight

Has your personal passion suddenly gone viral? Zeit-Heist is that feeling you get when your special interest is hi-jacked by the crowd. Psychologist and musician Julia Knight has the answers in this interactive comedy theatre show. Expect silly songs, fun, facts and German compound words!

Date: Saturday 14th October

Time: 6.30pm (finish 7.30pm)

Venue: The Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN

Ticket Price: £7, £5 concession

Tickets available from https://store.makeitwrite.org.

Shores of Enchantment

by Addae G (The Windrush 75 Artist of the Year)

Embark on a mystical odyssey through the sacred ritual of the Caribbean. Enveloped in poetic storytelling ad immersive theatre, this transformative experience weaves a tapestry of cultural heritage, resilience and personal growth, transporting you to a realm of enchantment and awakening.

Date Saturday 14th October

Time 6.30pm (finish 8.30pm)

Venue: Granby Winter Garden, 37 Cairn Street L8 2UW

Ticket price: Pay what you think


A Make It Write Double Bill

Dancing at 3am & Down the Alley

by Fiona Leonard         by Brian Hutchinson

Two women unfold their poignant tales in the surreal setting of dancing and cake making. A sensitive offering culled from the Fringe’s 24-hour play fest.

Elsewhere two homeless people, Ester and Charles, bed down behind the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. But are they suitable companions?

Date Thursday 5th October

Two shows

Time:  6.30pm (finish 7.20pm) & 8pm (finish 9.20pm)

Venue: MIW, The Studio Below 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN

Ticket price: £7, £5 concessions

Ticket link store.makeitwrite.org

Wet Dream with Jesus

By Alice Way

Louisiana, home of Mardi Gras, Southern hospitality and raging purity culture. Through hilarious shocking retelling of true accounts, the show explores Alice’s conservative Christian led education surrounded by horny misinformed teens taught by equally misinformed adults.

Date: Saturday 7th October

Time: 8pm (finish 8.45pm)

Venue: The Studio Below, 39 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EN

Ticket Price: £7

Ticket link store.makeitwrite.org

Speed School & Grief in the Green House

By Carol Roche

A Keyhole Production double bill

Two plays for the price of one.

A collection of disparate individuals are sent on a course to develop speed awareness but can their tutor cope with this bunch of unruly law breakers.

A widower goes through the four stages of grief with the help of his neighbours and his green house.

Date: Thursday 12th October

Time: 7.30pm (finish 9.30pm)

Venue: The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool

Ticket Price: £7, £5 concession

Stacey and Rose

By Hannah Tudge and Stephanie Simpson

Stacey and Rose are making a home video of all their favourite films. But can their friendship survive as they navigate the challenges of growing up with a bunch of homemade props and noughties’ references. Stacey and Rose is heartfelt, playful and full of nostalgia.

Date: Friday 6th, Saturday 7th, Wednesday 11th & Saturday 14th October

Time Friday 6th, Saturday 7th & Wednesday 11th 6.30pm (finish 7.30pm), Saturday 14th 8pm (finish 9pm)

Place: The Studio Below 39 Rodney Street

Ticket price: £7.50, £5 concessions


Eve ‘n’ Stephen

By Eve Howlett & Stephen Porter

Saint Vespaluus and The Queen of Heartbreak are wrong ‘uns, of that there is no doubt. Their alter egos – Stephen Porter and Eve Howlett are just plainly lovely. Of that there is no doubter.

Spoken word for grownups.

18+ age restriction

Date: Thursday 12th October

Time: 8pm

Venue: The Excelsior, Dale Street, Liverpool

Approximate running time 1hr 30mins

Ticket price: Pay what you think

Hosted by The New Mersey Poets